Elves/RPG characters

This is where I generally keep all the pointy-eared people and now, all the semi-pointy eared people, human RPG people and fuzzy people that run on both two and four legs...or more =). Newer pics toward the bottom.
Last update: 4/19/12
A character that is not mine (or not entirely mine) should be indicated on the picture/blurb.
Art is arranged left-right, top-bottom newest to oldest. ^_^

Luna Design sheet 1 Holiday Holiday (full) Holiday no bg Holiday snapshot crop
Kitirra Myria Rowan (gels) Rowan (summer study) Sortia
Smirk Elf Rain One Tear recolor Rowan (autumn, costumed) Rowan (detail)
Rowan (crop) Graduation (Rowan, Spring) Rowan aspect 4+costume Rowan detail Mask and cowl

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