Cue 'We are
Gargoyles!' voice-over

I've got at least one or two Gargoyles in almost every gallery around here. Why do I differentiate? I don't know. I don't begin to claim understanding of my filing system. :) Anywhoo, original characters (mine and others') from the Gargoyles universe can be found here. Newer pictures situated toward the bottom.

Archived: 4/17/10

Art is arranged left-right, top-bottom newest to oldest. ^_^
And you know what? I have no idea what happened to Gallery's Year 3 (top row, 2nd in the grid.) According to my notes I have updated it to match the rest of them but I can't find that image anywhere. For the record it's a major mixed media ref'd from self photos for light.

Yoga detail+levels Third year Outer Shell Hatchling Hatchling detail
Sutailja Observing Lylann Mgarg1 Mgarg1 detail
Female gargoyle Stone Sleep Ritual of the Void I wish I may I wish I might I wish I may I wish I might detail
Senethra Senethra detail Night Shade Night Shade first Allaidh

<--Newer Gargoyle art

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