So you want to know a little bit about me, hmm? (Why else would you be here?)

4/17/10 (aka the day that wouldn't die)
Everything is out of date. I mean really, I've got the two dogs now. Can't be helped. Like everything else I will get to this eventually. Especially the below the ~~ stuff as maybe I'm not feeling so snarky anymore. XD
I'm less active w/the creative crap now so while I don't want anybody to touch any of it, I probably don't have to snarl so much.
Until then I am currently:
Feeling better than I have been in 4 years (emotionally)
Anxious. I don't want to talk about it.
Reading: Some Buried Caesar by Rex Stout
Loving: Leverage
Wishing: to know how Wes is.
Re-Watching: Nero Wolfe (I love it so much!)
Collecting: the Nero Wolfe mysteries
Wanting: 1 serious skill (today it is sewing--which if we deviate from straight lines or need them perfect I simply cannot do)

Well, let's first get the legalities/site stuff out of the way:
There's lots of stuff to look at but none of it is absolutely free for the taking. I outline that below...but let me make it a little clearer. No, absolutely NO you cannot have my characters for your own personal use. NO, no you cannot use my pictures as avatars. I don't care how closely my characters may or may not resemble yours. If you want a picture, ask me for a new one but under no circumstances may you use any of this as your own. I know the temptation. It sneaks up and bites me from time to time. It's probably the same for just about everyone...I'm not gonna take yours or somebody else's pictures and say that's my [whomever]. That behavior is bullshit.

I understand what it's like to be learning. I'm there. That's why the credit has to run rampant. I don't believe there's an entirely original idea out there anymore. But still... I used to in the past let people reference from me but bad behavior has ruined that for everyone.

This is my domain. I wrote the copy. I wrote the html. For the most part I've drawn the pictures, generated the graphics and created the characters. Yes, I am very well aware that some of my stuff has been stolen already from pictures to characters to graphics right down to the html. (And boy was that sad and funny.) In the appropriate cases, the appropriate people have been contacted. Most often I'm amused by the stupidity out there. I mean [censored] people, if I can figure out how to do this, ANYONE can. I'm a fundamental idiot. I embrace this fact. You should know better, you really should. I may be a fundamental idiot but I'm not so stupid I can't recognize my own work. *shakes head* Nor am I so nice as to say "Hey... I worked my ass off on this crap but go ahead... you look tired." Frankly I don't care and I'm not inclined to take that kind of responsibility for you people. Enjoy my site...respect that it's MINE. I'm like a 2 yr old on a lollipop buzz. MINE MINE MINE!

For those of you out there that are remotely interested in these backgrounds and/or buttons, feel free to use them if you like. All I ask is a link back to and credit. I'm vain, what can I say? Ideally, I'd like to see where these things go. If you're interested, contact me. Just do keep in mind I'm not in the desktop wallpaper business. Do you think I put all those tags and thumbnails and text and [censored] ugly [censored] because it amuses me or I find it aesthetically stimulating? Please... Now...on to what's been posted here before:


All drawings are the property of the artists, characters and miscellaneous whatnots are property of their creators. Do NOT beg, borrow, steal, alter or claim any sort of ownership (in any fashion) to any of these pictures from any these pages without prior permission from the artists. Else after the battles are done what is left will be picked over by the gryphons and sold to the gypsies as conversation pieces. Thank you for your good judgement.

Point 1: I like to rant.
Point 2: It's not my fault if you didn't read all of this.

A little bit about me:
I was born 12/12/1973 (a major preemie for that time) and currently reside in KS with one husband, one dog and two cats. Art has been a steady part of my life since 1997. Before that there was a drawing here and there but it wasn't something that was important to me. (From 10 to 19 I did the author for publication thing and I honestly thought that's what I'd be doing until I died.) At about 21-22 I published a couple of photos. I have no attention span but I love projects. I hate housework (and anybody that's been to my house is painfully aware of that.)

Color: Green
Music: Music
Animal: Animals
Pet: Ferrets
Medium: (to use) colored pencil, (wish I could use) watercolor
Passtime: Movies
Flower: Yes, but I'm partial to lillies and roses
Candy: Cinnamon (or caramel)
Author: Stephen King ^_^
All things Marvel but specifically: X-Men
Creating things
Learning something new
Writing for myself
Vampire Lore
Gaming (AD&D, 2E and custom)
Epic adventure PC games (OMG it's a sickness)

Addictive of personality

Researching belief systems
dying words
Hair dye *squee*
Comely lads
Custom mixes
Singing voices
Being silly
Chinese Food
Hello Panda
Old mirrors
Making up words
Personal anecdotes
Cruising the toy aisle and messing with the "try me" buttons
Gaia Online

Me mum
The Abhorsen Trilogy
Snarky little users
Most fanfiction
Social Chameleons
The state of the world

That's probably not it. I'm full of fascinations, a plague of interests.

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