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Actually, just ignore this for now. It may go away when the overhaul is done

The more detail you give me, the better and please remember I wrote up and coded this form myself. It is not up for grabs.

This form may not work with some browsers. If you don't see input boxes or something goes wrong please feel free contact me. I can send you the form via email. Barring that, here is a text version.

This web form tends to misbehave. AOL-ers cannot use it, and it doesn't seem to want to work for those using Eudora and Outlook as well. I've had one complaint so far w/a person using IE. If there's any doubt as to whether or not you'll be able to use this form you might want to go ahead and just email me directly. Whether or not you take the initiative to put the form info in the preliminary email is up to you entirely, but I'll have to have the information....else we're just conversing. *chuckles*

Please give me as much information as possible, including measurements and colors and etc. If any particular field doesn't apply to your character, please put NA or something to that effect in that field. It'll save you time answering questions. Once you submit this form I should reply to you within a few days to let you know whether or not I'll be able to help you. If more than a week goes by, something went wrong, please contact me via email.

Please make sure you've reviewed and accepted the Terms and viewed the status page before filling out this form.

Whenever possible I try to complete requests in the order I receive them.

Your Name: (So that I may complete: Character is property of: ______ )

Email address where I may contact you: (this is mandatory, I will not accept a request w/o one)

On to the character information:



Race: (IE: gargoyle, elf, human)

Eqivalent Age: (how old does your character appear, especially if immortal or something similar)



Build/frame appearance:

Hair (length and color, texture, etc):

Skin (color and texture if applicable):

Eyes (shape and color):

Facial Structure:

Pysical features and/or other distinguishing marks:




More gargoyle-specific questions:

Wing Style/appearance--please remember to list all colors and their corresponding areas.

Appearance of Wing "hands":

# of digits on wing hands (or fingers and toes but be specific):

Spikes and locations:

Other details (including tail or anything I haven't mentioned yet):

Other other details: (Whatever you think I need to know)

Existing pic of character (URL--IMPORTANT Do NOT just tell me "anywhere"):

Original Artist's name (if known):

Original Artist's URL or picture origin (if known):

Your site URL if you have one:

Do you want me to list your site in one of my Link Directories?)
Please do! I'll link you back.
No thanks.

Questions or Comments:

Additional information:

Picture options:
Pencil drawing
Colored pencil
computer color
Multimedia (I'll choose the specifics)
No preference

Note on the colored pencil/multimedia options: If it isn't a plain ol' mundane pencil it gets pricy, at some point in time I may be forced to remove these options w/o prior notice.

Composition Options:
Portrait (head, head/shoulders only)
Entire figure (or from top of head to as far as I get)
Action-specific (see next text field below)
No preference.

Composition preference details: (especially if you want something action-specific)

Do you want your email address displayed on the picture page?

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For questions or comments, please contact me @ Fellanora(AT)yahoo(DOT)com (you know how that works)
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