Last updated: 4/27/12
Not taking requests currently

First and foremost I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason. This includes but not limited to time constraints, subject matter, or bad behavior.

Serious inquiries only. If you don't like my personal artistic style (such as it is) don't waste your time or mine by requesting artwork. Don't ask me for something you don't want me to post in this or any of my portfolios.

The information you give me about your character remains confidential-- I don't post character profiles on this site (or anywhere else), nor do I retain the character information for any sort of record or use once the artwork is finished, approved and posted. For trades I expect the same courtesy. I'd prefer it if you didn't commission a picture of someone else's character to use as your own. A reference is fine, a similarity is negotiable but a carbon copy is out of the question for a number of reasons.

Respect that I use the information given as a guideline. Some things I am just not capable of drawing yet (if ever), some things just don't happen according to plan. I do give every project my best effort as far as working in all details and preferred medium and all those other little fun things. It doesn't always work. Whenever possible I do like to see all parties concerned happy with the end result but I don't have much patience with be asked to redo things. (It happens sometimes but rarely.) I'm not charging so long as I keep the originals and finals. Supplies are expensive. You do the math.

Here's one for you Gargoyles fans...I don't draw Demonas. Don't get me wrong, I think Demona is awesome...awesome enough that I don't think I need to mess with the character.
That said, "looks just like Demona except wearing" or ..."with these colors" is not going to even be considered. There are plenty of other people out there willing to do something like that (and are a far sight better at it I might add), go pester them. *grins* As an added note...beaks are not my strong suit. I'll try them though.

Be advised that I do save all correspondence--both mine and yours-- so that I have a record on hand of what was said by all parties. Essentially this covers my tail. I've had people in the past give me a lot of trouble over certain things and I am not amused.

If you have me design your character, he/she remains largely my property. Of course, the character is yours to play, use, write stories around but the image, basic particulars, and all rights therein remain mine unless some agreement to the contrary is reached. (Obviously not too many have requested something like this, let alone seen the request through to its end. There've been a few but I don't think many if any of those are still posted. Regardless, it needs to be mentioned.)

Once the picture is finished, do not alter it (my art) in any way (this includes but is not limited to: attempting to digitally remove my tags, badge or thumbnail sketches). If something needs to be changed, let me know and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you have your own site, let me know if you wish to be listed in one of my links directories. (please provide URL & do link me back. I check that.) When/if posting the picture on the web, give me credit (Picture by Fellanora as a text link back to my index page is fine (, but otherwise it's stealing.) Do notremote link anything from this site (or any of my others) without concise, written permisson.

Please do not stack requests. You may ask if I'll take more than one at a time but doing so only slows me down and in some cases, tends to worsen chances I'll be able to finish anything at all. The voice of this terms agreement is clipped and brusque but I'm essentially a nice person with a lot of limits and bad habits and experiences. When it becomes work I far prefer to put it off.

This form is geared toward creatures or characters. I have done requests for items and other things in the past. Obviously the required information is a little different. Feel free to contact me.

I usually send an email when I'm finished, sometimes when I've started. If you want to check my progress, please go here. In fact, go there first before dropping me an email. And in the event you do drop me an email asking how things are going, be cordial. I may be using my time to make you something. Granted, I get practice out of it ((for which I'm insanely thankful)) but don't treat me like I owe you anything. 99.999% of you aren't paying for these. So be nice! :) Nice people rock!

If asked, I am willing to try and upload progress scans--this depends on how fast any particular project moves. Some only take a few minutes from page to post, but some take a LOT longer. I wish I had control over this, but I don't.

If you've made it this far without turning away in disgust...if you are willing to accept the terms listed above, by all means let's get started. And if you proceed to the form, remember that it means you've read and accepted all of the above.

I agree Never mind!

For questions or comments, please contact me @ Fellanora(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
Unless otherwise noted, all characters, babble, ideas, and images (including backgrounds, banners, buttons & etc) created by and property of Fellanora